Health isn't everything, but without it, EVERYTHING else is nothing.
Think about it - if you don't have your health, can you​
  1. Generate an income? 
  2. Care for your family?
  3. Live the life you want to live?

No, you are too busy lying in bed trying to heal, wishing you didn't have to be there, and could be getting on with your life...

There is something you can do about this, starting now!

2021 Health Optimizer
September 7  - 28, 2021

4 weeks, including Stress Indicator & Health Planner Assessment Tool  
Content includes focus on sleep, stress, gut health and the brain-gut connection. 
(when we heal your gut and lower your stress we can make HUGE impact on your future health outcomes)

90 minute live sessions on Tuesdays at 2pm PST / 5pm EST*
Plus bonus trainings. 

$447 CAD / $369 USD
Buy before August 31, and use Coupon Code "earlybird" to receive 20% off. 

*all sessions will be recorded, so you do not have to be live for each session. 
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Do you? 

😞 Wake up but still feel tired?
😞 Need to hit snooze multiple times? 
😞 Struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep? 
😞 Use sleeping pills more often that you'd like to?
😞 Feel tired mid afternoon and wish you could take a nap?

Would you rather..... 
😴 Wake up feeling energized?
😴 Jump out of bed, excited for the day ahead? 
😴 Fall asleep easily and stay asleep? 
😴 Sink into a deep restorative sleep, and wake up feeling focused and on point? 

Have you ever been taught HOW to get a good night's sleep?

Most of us have never been taught the importance of sleep, or how to optimize our sleep and as a result people think that they can just sleep on demand, when they finally lie down in bed.

But quality sleep is more complicated than that.  

When we don’t get quality sleep, we feel more stressed, and are much more likely to get sick, and then we don’t have the energy to cope with everything life throws our way. 
So why do we take our health for granted?
Because we've been taught that if we get sick we'll go to the doctor and they'll make us better.

But that isn't working so well these days is it?  The world is the sickest it's ever been, more sleep deprived, more stressed out and with more chronic illness than ever.

It's time for a shift in our mindset! 

My name is Melissa and

I am an Integrative Health Practitioner and Registered Health Coach, and I am deeply passionate about guiding people to optimal health.  Sleep is foundational in optimizing our health, and I know all too well, what happens when people don’t get enough sleep. I see it with my clients all the time, until they learn HOW to get better sleep.  But it's not just about sleep, as our bodies are so interconnected - do you know what chronic stress is doing to your internal organs?   Further more what is the impact of poor sleep and chronic stress on the health of your gut?     When you know better you do better, and so I am passionate about wanting people to know the steps optimize their health.  When we have our health we can live fully in all areas of our life.  

Chronic Stress is exhausting..... 
😧 It drains our energy
😧 It kills off good bacteria in our gut, triggering imbalances in our whole body
😧 It can cause blood/sugar roller coaster rides
😧 It bogs down our immune system
😧 It negatively affects our sleep cycle, which can create a vicious cycle
😧 It can send our emotions out of control, resulting in anger, frustration, sadness

What is your stress level in each area of your life?

Find out in this course with the Stress Indicator & Health Planner tool.  ➡️➡️➡️ 

Did you know? 
👎  90% of all doctors visits are stress related.
👎  Stress levels in the US are up 44% in the last 5 years (pre Covid!).
👎  77% of people struggle with the physical effects of stress every day. 
👎  83% are stressed with work. 
👎  Stress costs the US economy $800 billion / year! 
Chronic Stress negatively impacts your entire body....
😜 Your hair                       😜 Your bones
😜 Your brain                     😜 Your sex drive
😜 Your muscles                😜 Your digestive system / gut
😜 Your lungs                     😜 Your immune system
😜 Your heart                     😜 Your skin
😜 Your stomach

​Hippocrates said "All disease starts in the gut"

Yet we have really only begun to start the research into the microbiome this century, and have barely touched the surface of this living eco-system inside us, designed to work synergistically within us, and help us thrive. 

BUT this very important balance for helping us thrive, is being thrown off by our modern day lifestyle.  Becuase we haven't been taught about this, you have daily habits that are impacting your health negatively, only you don't realize it. 

Sign up now to discover how all of this fits together and how we can create an environment inside your body, so that it is "in-hospitable" to disease! 

Use Promo code: earlybird before August 31, 2021 to get 20% off. 
$447 CAD / $369 USD

90% - 95% of diseases are triggered by the environment we create inside our body...

This is really empowering as it means you have a choice!  The choice to create an environment that is inhospitable to disease, you just need to know how to do this!

Perhaps you're already struggling with an unhappy gut, food issues, hormone issues, fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut, or auto-immune issues and are tired of feeling like crap!   This program will help you understand how to start  bringing your body
back into balance, so it can heal from these issues.

So let's get started!  Over 4 weeks, we will dig into how sleep (or lack thereof) impacts your health, how stress impacts your sleep and health and how the health of your gut, impacts the health of all your other organs.  You will have this knowledge for life, and gain answers to help you heal and then optimize your health, or simply optimize starting now!  All the information that should be taught in school or through public health, will be available to you in this 4 week live program. 

 There will be lots of opportunity for Q&A. You'll have access to your own personal integrative health practitioner for 4 weeks, at a low group price of only $447 CAD / $369 USD

Use Promo code: earlybird before August 31, 2021 to get 20% off. 
Buy Now!
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Imagine a day when you wake up feeling energized and want to leap out of bed to start your day...😄 😊 😄 😊

I promise you that day will come! All YOU have to do is join this program, and learn how to optimize your health and in the process start bringing your body back into balance, so it can thrive!   You will be a NEW person, feel  amazing, in fact, you'll likely turn back time and feel younger, and you'll be waking up refreshed and energized, ready to tackle whatever your day throws your way. 

What exactly will you learn from the 
2021 Health Optimzer? 

Learn to optimize your health in just 4 weeks! 

Week 1:

How to optimize your sleep
Why sleep is so importantt to your health
Build a bedtime routine that works for you
Set your bedroom up for comfortable sleep and eliminate distractions

Week 2:

Let's reduce your stress!
What is stress doing to your body and long term health? 
Stress level assessment quiz using the Stress Indicator & Assessment Tool.  (included in the cost of this program.)

Week 3:

Gut Part I - Intro to your gut eco-system
Hippocrates said "All disease starts in the gut", lets understand why.
Your gut is home to over 100 trillion microbes, wanting to help you thrive, until you create an environment that triggers diseas

Week 4:

Gut Part II - The Gut-Brain connection​
The gut is now knowns as the "Second Brain", when your gut is off, so is your brain and vice versa
Understanding this connection is key in opptimizing your health. 

Special FREE bonus! 

Each week, I will do a fb live in our fb group with additional teaching on topics that you raise during the weekly workshops. 

$447 CAD / $369 USD

Use Promo code: 'earlybird' before August 31, 2021 to get 20% off. 

Buy Now!
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Here's what people have to say about working with me....

“I really enjoyed working with Melissa to achieve my goals of learning how to eat well to maintain the weight level that I want, for the rest of my life, so that I can die “feeling young, at an old age”! Melissa is passionate about her work, I could feel it in our weekly calls. I learned ALOT from Melissa in regards to nutrition, digestive stress, and listening to my body. I even realized that I enjoy cooking good food for myself! I now have the skills to continue looking after myself and my husband in a very healthy way for the rest of our lives. Merci Melissa”

~ Carole Masse, White Rock, Montreal & Shuswap!
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“Before I started this program, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but I was excited to learn about how to be healthier. I would just like to say that it has been an amazing experience. I have made a few small changes that have led to a much better Dylan! Working with Melissa has been a total game changer for me. By taking care of myself I can put my best self out into the world, allowing me to better help my family, my friends, and my business. I would recommend to anyone that is looking to make some changes in their life, to talk to Melissa. Thank you Melissa! ”

~ Dylan O'Dwyer, Whistler
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"Melissa’s Program has exceeded my expectations. I now have the tools to work through the challenges that come my way, and better manage my stress. This program has assisted me in becoming unstuck and being honest with myself to learn and grow, assisting me in making healthy decisions around sleep, stress and nutrition. Melissa is a wonderful coach, guiding and customizing the program to meet me where I am at, and keeping me accountable to my goals to move forward, and finding greater success as a result, as opposed to if I were to try and accomplish this on my own. Thank you Melissa!”

 ~ Jenni Currier, Kootenays
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Why choose this program? 

Care | Empathy | Support

Learn how to optimize your health starting with your sleep in a supportive program. 

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100% success rate

Every client that has fully completed this program, implemented action steps and set a 30 day committment with me,  has regained energy and felt wonderful in just 30 days! 
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Saves you time!

You don't have to waste time figuring it all out for yourself, just watch the video lessons and be guided, trust in the processs. 

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​Health is your True Wealth!

Start investing in your health, right here, right now! 

Buy before August 31, to get 20% off with promo code: 'earlybird'
$447 CAD / $369 USD

Buy Now!
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If you still have questions after reading these FAQs, please email me at

When will the live workshops sessions be held?
Live sessions will be weekly on Tuesdays from 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern  for 1.5 hours, starting September 7 until June 28 (4 weeks). 
What if I can't join the live sessions?
That's ok, as all sessions will be recorded, and you will be able to ask questions in the fb group after watching the session to get them answered.  
Is the cost of the stress indictator & assessment tool in the course price?
Yes, and  you will be provided the link to go in and do the assessment during the program. 
Is there a money back guarantee? 
Yes!  If you show up for yourself each week, participate in the sessions (live or replays), with comments and questions, and still feel that you haven't benefited from this program after the 4 weeks, please email me at for a 100% refund (less the cost of the stress indicator & assessment tool) of what you paid for the course.